Color+skin, Skin+color

Through my practice, thinking about lines of flight, reminds me of moments that transformed my paradigms of Dance. Like the first time I saw Black ballerinas when I was watching a video of a Balanchine ballet from the 80’s. I remember the way it struck my curiosity.

Then I traveled to NYC on the summer of the last season before Dance Theatre of Harlem went on their 10 year hiatus, I believe it was 2003. The program opened with The Four Temperaments. I had never, ever, seen any performance like that one.

Between the music, the movement, the range of colors of bodies and lines I was fascinated. I remember thinking: So this is what Ballet’s supposed to look like!!!”

I saw bodies that looked like me, that moved like me and that appealed to me in a way that I would have never known or imagined. That night, my notions of dance changed and that changed ME forever…

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